Bottle math for Moms and Dads

Created by a Mommy of twins, Baby Formulator calculates daily formula usage and provides you with the total scoops of formula and ounces of water required to make each bottle, based on your selected brand of formula.  You can calculate daily usage to make large batches of formula or calculate your needs for an extended period of time – such as a trip out of town.  The app also tells you what percentage of a container you are using.  Do you have twins?  You can calculate a combined total formula usage, which allows you to make a single batch of formula.  Put your formula in a pitcher in the refrigerator and you have it ready to go to fill your bottles quickly. The bottle timer reminds you when to feed your baby next, which is important if you have a preemie or a newborn with strict caloric requirements.  You can buy formula directly from within the app, viewing current prices at several online retailers.  The app even tells you how many containers you need to buy for your specified time frame and gives you a total price for your given number of days.

If your brand of formula is not available in the selector, please email and we will add it in a future update.



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